Why this dog was sold for $1.5 million

We at the I Am Vancouver Dog office not only like to write articles about cute collars and places to go with your dog in Vancouver, we also like to write HARD HITTING JOURNALISM.

So in this spirit we’ve decided to cover an article about the most expensive dog in the world.

We looked up his phone number on Google, but apparently he doesn’t have one. Also apparently he was sold for $1.5 million 4 years ago. BUT THE FACT REMAINS, the most expensive dog in the world is this little cutey patooty above, a red tibetan mastiff called Big Splash who was sold by a breeder at 11 months old.

According to a real journalist: “Tibetan Mastiffs are huge and fierce guard dogs that have stood watch over nomad camps and monasteries on the Tibetan plateau for centuries.” The Buddha was even rumoured to have one. (It must have been a super chill dog).

As we are famous, we are happy to home a Red Tibetan Mastiff to guard Max and his fortunes. Please send a doggy to our house in Vancouver. We live on a road by a tree. Kind thanks good sir.

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