Toys to Keep Your Dogs Occupied At A Vancouver Startup: GoDogGo Fetch Machine

You are new at work. You are excited. You have an empty cup with pens in it. Everything is going great.

But then your dog tries to use your boss’s plant as a birthday piñata because your dog is BORED.

How do you stop your dog using your boss’s plant as a birthday piñata?

Buy him a GoDogGo Fetch Machine, At only $139.99 for a small breed dog, simply place this in your office and watch the balls fly into the air at heights of 12 to 40+ feet, at 4, 7 or 15 seconds intervals.

Your co-workers will enjoy ducking in between balls on their way to the photocopy machine, and the CEO will give you a raise for being so innovative as a self-starter, who like your dog, can hit the floor running.

Problem solved Vancouver Startups.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine

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