Quick and Easy Dog Hair Cleaning Tips for a Cleaner Home

Quick and Easy Dog Hair Cleaning Tips for a Cleaner Home

You love your dog, but you probably don’t love the dog hair that seems to get everywhere in your home and on your clothing.

This can be especially frustrating if you have a dog that routinely sheds.

However, you don’t have to worry about dog hair getting everywhere if you utilize these five dog hair cleaning tips…

One: Damp Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets not only smell nice, but they’re also multi-functional. Aside from removing static from your clothing, they’re also great dog hair removal tools. You can also use them on almost any surface without a problem.

Simply grab your favorite dryer sheet, slightly dampen it and use it on your floors, furniture, electronics, walls, baseboards and more. It will trap the dog hair in its slightly sticky fibers, and you can simply toss it in the trash when you’re through.

Two: Alternate Vacuuming Direction

When you vacuum your home, you usually tend to vacuum one way forwards and backwards. However, doing this is one direction will miss a lot of dog hair that may be stuck in your carpet fibers.

You want to get as much dog hair out of your carpets as possible to reduce pet allergens and odors that may sink deep into your carpets.

The next time you vacuum, start going one direction and pass back over the area a few times in alternating directions. This will move your carpet fibers around and ensure that you get more of the stuck dog hair out each time you vacuum.

Three: Purchase an Air Purifier

An air purifier can work wonders in helping you fight the battle against dog hair.

When you run an air purifier, it cycles the air in your home through a series of filters. As this is happening, it will suck the dog hair and odors from the air into the filters and trap it.

As you run your air purifier more and more, it will start working to trap more and more of your dog’s hair and its dander which will help your home stay less hairy, and smell more fresh and clean.

An added benefit of air purifiers is that they are all portable. You can move it from room to room, so if your dog frequents a few areas of the house, you can adjust accordingly instead of having to buy multiple devices for every room in the home.

The secret to getting a great air purifier for dog hair is to make sure that it has a HEPA filter and Carbon filter. These two filters in combination with each other are what will trap the most amount of dog hair, dander and odors produced by your pet.

Over at Home Air Quality Guides, you can find a free in-depth guide that explains all about those filters in more detail. The site also lists what the best air purifiers are for dogs and other things you should consider when trying to get the right product for your home.

Every dog owner should have an air purifier to keep his/her home hair-free.

Four: Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are cheap, easy to get, and they pick up and trap dog hair with their sticky paper.

If you’re someone who notices a lot of dog hair on your clothing or clinging to your furniture, get a lint roller.

You can even get two and use one for your clothing and one for your furniture.

Simply use the lint roller over your clothing before you leave your home and run the other lint roller over your furniture and throw pillows once a week. Discard the paper as you need to ensure that you’re picking up the maximum amount of dog hair possible.

You may even want to invest in a third lint roller to keep in the car for those times when you leave the house and find out later your clothes are full of dog hair. This simple tool is a lifesaver for dog owners!

Five: Brush Your Dog Twice a Week

When it comes to cleaning up dog hair, the best place really is to start at the source.

Get in the habit of brushing your dog at least twice a week for around twenty to thirty minutes at a time. When you’re done, clean out the brush thoroughly and dispose of the hair.

If your dog has long hair or if they are going through a heavy shedding period, daily brushing will help.

The more you brush your dog’s hair, the more hair that ends up in the brush and the less hair you will find roaming around your living area.

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