How to tell if your puppy needs to pee or poo

The most burning question I get is “AISHA HOW OH HOW DO I TELL IF MY PUPPY NEEDS TO PEE OR POO.”

WELL my friend. Here is the answer.

Wait are you ready?

Are you sure?


Why? Because like humans, and electronic cigarettes, all dogs are different. How to books tend to suggest that dogs will sniff the floor, walk towards the door or act strangely to show you they need the toilet.

Max on the other hand as a puppy showed absolutely no change in behaviour whatsoever when he needed the toilet. In fact, he has peed all over me in a petstore while I was holding him in my arms. He seemed extremely happy. I, on the other hand, left the store feeling confused and disarmed.

So what’s the best advice I can give you?

Learn your puppy’s specific tell tale signs of when he/she needs the washroom. (Which you absolutely won’t be able to tell until your puppy has violated your carpets for a few weeks).

Max currently exhibits the following behaviours to show me he needs the toilet:

  1. He stares at me without breaking eye contact as if he is looking into my soul and is telepathically communicating: “Mama, I need to poo.” He will continue to stare at me until I take him outside. Albeit creepy, this is my fave method he has chosen.
  2. If we are outside, I know Max needs to poo because he starts to act like someone who is late for a business interview, but is lost and doesn’t know where the office is.
  3. He does nothing, but his belly looks like he is pregnant. Sorta like a human who has polished off three beers and an egg McMuffin. If your puppy’s belly is bloated, chances are the little guy needs to let go of something.

If you can’t tell what your puppy is thinking the first few weeks of having him or her, don’t be hard on yourself. It is likely your puppy can’t tell when you need the toilet either.

Want more tips? Leave me a comment. Or call me. Well I haven’t given you my phone number yet, but you know, it’s not you it’s me. I am just really trying to focus on work, and figure out who I really am right now.

So for now maybe it’s best if you just leave a comment or email me. I really didn’t want things to have to get awkward like this.

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