GIVEAWAY: Caru Non-GMO Natural Dog Treats

GIVEAWAY: Caru Non-GMO Natural Dog Treats

I freaked out a little recently after I watched the documentary GMO OMG. Apparently GMO corn and other vegetables are grown with insecticides INSIDE OF THEM which damage the nervous systems of insects and kill them.


So basically if you or your dog eats GMO vegetables you are likely eating insecticides. Technically as dogs are basically just larger insects with larger nervous systems, nicer hair, clothing (and beards if they live in East Van), they are hurting themselves and their nervous systems by eating these vegetables.

After realizing this I ransacked through Max’s food and scanned through the ingredients of the brightly coloured packages and was shocked to see most of the vegetables weren’t organic and therefore could be GMO. (I don’t think North America has to label items as GMO).

Hiding from the truth

Max in hiding after watching GMO OMG

Caru Non-GMO Natural Dog Treats

We are thrilled we came across Caru Non-GMO natural dog treats that contain no crapola fillers like wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal by-products and to our major delight – NO GMOS!!! They also come in a variety of flavours so if your pooch is sensitive to any meats, you can choose one that won’t cause him to create a stink storm in your living room.

Yes I said stink storm

You can choose from super tasty lamb, salmon, venison, chicken, beef, and duck treats.


Because the stars have aligned, mercury is not in retrograde, and I had a great decaf coffee today…

We are giving away: 5 packs of Caru Non-GMO Natural Dog Treats. YES PEOPLE 5. Our biggest giveaway yet.

How To Enter: All’s you gotta do is share our post about Caru Giveaway on Facebook to be entered into the giveaway. (The post is at the top of our Facebook page.)

Dates: Share the post by Friday July 3rd. Winner will be announced on Sat July 4th.

Rules: Entrants must live in Mainland Vancouver, Canada.

The treats are kindly supplied by Caru. Go forth, check them out on Facebook, say hello to them, and tell them how your day went and what you ate for lunch… go…

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