Get Minty Fresh Dog Breath with WOOFMINTS

Get Minty Fresh Dog Breath with WOOFMINTS

Life can be difficult for dogs. Previously when they went on dates, they had nothing to freshen up their breath after meals so they would try and chew on the nearest thing to them which usually happened to be goose poop. This would end in date failure.

Luckily WOOFMINTS have come up with an idea to improve the dating life of dogs all across the world. Say hello to WOOFMINTS, the dog mint that freshens up your doggy’s breath.

Each “mint” is basically a capsule you feed directly to your dog or put in their food. The capsules contain organic sunflower oil, organic peppermint oil and parsley oil that dissolve in your dog’s mouth and stomach providing minty fresh breath to everyone involved in your dog’s life.

The mints aren’t a replacement for teeth brushing but they are a fun addition to your dog’s unique treat cabinet.

You can get a tub of 120 WOOFMINTS for $26.80 USD.

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