Dog Groomers in Vancouver: SpaDog Organic Dog Spa

Dog Groomers in Vancouver: SpaDog Organic Dog Spa

Dog hair is basically the opposite of cast iron pans and inner wisdom.

It doesn’t get better with age.

In fact Max has been rolling around in dirt so much this summer that he has started to change colour.

Time for a Visit to SpaDog Organic Dog Spa

We wanted to find an organic spa where Max can have his mane drenched in organic goodness rather than harsh chemicals.

Luckily we stumbled upon the tranquil SpaDog Organic Dog Spa in the quiet area of Commercial Drive.

organic dog groomers vancouver, spadog organic dog spa

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter is that there’s no screaming dogs or wafts of stinkyness. SpaDog Organic Dog Spa is super peaceful, quiet and smells like what I can only assume George Clooney’s house smells like – nothing – because George Clooney seems like he wouldn’t appreciate strong scents either.

There’s a super spacious entrance filled with a bounty of high quality dog treats, organic grooming products and miscellaneous items with hip packaging.

organic dog groomers vancouver, spadog organic dog spa

From there you can see the entire grooming area. There are no screens, no walls and nothing to hide. (If you’ve ever been to a dog groomer, you’ll usually find the grooming room is hidden behind doors.)

Nothing to hide girl

SpaDog Organic Dog Spa, View from groom room

You can see a total view of the store and the outside from the groom room

SpaDog Organic Dog Spa is the most tranquil dog grooming salon I have ever visited. I even snuck in while a dog was getting his hair did and expected him to try and bolt out the room as soon as he knew the gate was open. But he stood there calmly as if to say, take my photo girl, you gonna like it here.

And I really did like SpaDog Organic Dog Spa.

SpaDog organic dog spa, dog getting groomed in Vancouver

Take a seat and stay a while girl

Organic locally made spa products

SpaDog Organic Dog Spa also sell their very own organic grooming products under the name Black Sheep Organics. (Even their plastic and labelling is made in mainland Vancouver.)

BlackSheep Organics Shampoo, organic dog shampoo Vancouver, locally made dog shampoo Vancouver

BlackSheep Organics sell 6 different types of dog shampoo for different types of stinkyness/problems

Their products include: 6 different types of shampoo (from Carrot Seed and Juniper to Pine and Fir scents), an ear wash, toothpaste and even bug repellant! (Stay tuned, SpaDog Organic Dog Spa were kind enough to give us samples, so we will be reviewing them very soon.)

Blacksheep organic dog toothpaste

Finally, your dog’s breath can smell as minty as yours

The last bark

I am unbelievably impressed with SpaDog Organic Dog Spa. And strangely I actually miss it. (I never thought I would say that about a groomers!) I was really taken by the quality of their products, the set up of the store and the genuine kindness and passion of the owners and employees.

We are raving fans.

I've found my new home

I’ve found my new home

Where to find SpaDog Organic Dog Spa

If you want your dog to be bathed in love, rainbows and organic shampoo, check out SpaDog Organic Dog Spa located on 3471 Commercial Street, Vancouver. 

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