Chowza Vancouver Dog Food Delivery

How Chowza helps you watch Netflix marathons in your Jammies

Sometimes when it’s -7 outside, you wrap a duvet around yourself so you look like a sushi roll, watch reruns of Friends and eat cookies.

Sometimes you just want to eat cookies in bed

Cookies in bed


Well my friends, now there’s a solution.

Chowza is a dog food delivery service, that wait for it, offers one hour delivery windows, so you don’t have to wait around your place all day wondering when your food is going to be delivered or if RACHEL AND ROSS EVER FALL IN LOVE.

Not only that, they hand deliver dog and cat food, so if you are as lazy as me and Max, and you live in an apartment building, the Chowza delivery guy will bring the food right to your door and won’t leave it with your concierge.

What happened when we tried Chowza…

1. The food arrived

chowza vancouver dog food delivery

Initially I got so excited I started screaming

2. Max tried to hit all bags of food with his body to fully absorb the sounds and smells

Chowza Vancouver Dog Food Delivery

I then screamed some more

3. He then went buck wild

and more…

4. He then enjoyed some tasty pumpkin treats and danced around in a circle to salsa music

until she gave me some of my fave pumpkin cookies delivered by Chowza

Until she gave me some of my fave pumpkin cookies delivered by Chowza

10 hours after the screaming stopped…

We LOVED chowza for the following reasons:

  1. It’s got a crapload of awesome dog food choices ranging from high quality kibble to raw food, treats and poop bags.
  2. It has free delivery for items over $75
  3. The owner is super nice
  4. The delivery was super timely
  5. Chowza rhymes with wowza

We would definitely use Chowza again because we want to make more time in our lives for the things that matter – like finding the meaning of life and why dogs in Yaletown are better dressed than me.

If you are interested in giving Chowza a try, I Am Vancouver Dog readers have access to this fab discount…

chowza promo I am vancouver dog

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