Black Sheep Organics Peppermint Organic Dog Toothpaste

Black Sheep Organics Peppermint Organic Dog Toothpaste

Max has breath like poop and fish. Although it’s endearing, and I love it, when I heard that Max could have minty fresh breath like a hu-man, I thought like Steve Jobs and said, “Why not”?

We found this round tub of organic peppermint organic toothpaste goodness silently sitting on a wooden table at SpaDog organic dog spa on Commercial Drive.

He sat there, because he knew we were meant to meet.

When I got the tub home, I put it in the fridge (because it’s got coconut oil in it and is liquid at room temp.). Then we tried it out on Maxi-poo.

We took out a small glob and spread it on Max’s teeth cleaning instrument (a little cloth thing you put over your finger) and rubbed it over his teeth.

Organic Dog Toothpaste, Vancouver dog toothpaste

And voilà, Max had beauuutiful smelling teeth right away. We used it for 7 days and after a week the smell of fish poop, fish, and miscellaneous poop had gone.

We LOVE Black Sheep Organics Peppermint Organic Toothpaste because:

  1. It’s organic
  2. It doesn’t have crapola ingredients like other toothpastes. It mainly contains peppermint, organic coconut oil (a natural antibacterial and solution to every problem in the entire world) and calcium carbonate.
  3. It smells fantastic
  4. It’s a good consistency
  5. It’s made locally
organic dog toothpaste

I love you and that’s why I have to throw you off this couch

If you want a tub of Black Sheep Organics Peppermint Organic Dog Toothpaste to yourself, check out the Black Sheep Organics Website or visit the SpaDog Organic Dog Spa.

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