How can I help you?

Perhaps Max could sing you a song, or I could play you the guitar.

But I think we both know what you really want here…

New followers from Vancouver who want to buy dog things, and most importantly, they want to buy dog things from you or your company, or your aunt Louise.

Whatever you need, we can help. Check out this list of potential ways we can help you reach new audiences:

1) Sponsored blog post (you write) – $39.99

Send us a piece that you’ve written about your product and we will post it on our website and promote it on Facebook (1,072 followers), Instagram (100 followers), Pinterest (40 followers) and Twitter (444 followers). If the piece doesn’t involve a lot of editing, we will post it for $39.99. If it involves a lot of editing, we will quote you an edit charge.

2) Sponsored blog post/review (we write) – $59.99

We will write a post or review for you that’s so good, that you’ll be like DAMN that’s good girl.

3) Sponsored Facebook post or contest – $29.99 (includes $5 boost bonus)

Send me content to post on my Facebook page during peak times to reach my 1,072 followers. As a thank you, I will boost the post for you with a $5 Facebook ad included in the $29.99 cost which will show the post to up to 2,000 Facebook users in Vancouver, Canada.

Who is our audience?

Great question. It’s mostly women between the ages of 18 – 55 living in Vancouver, Canada. I can’t tell how much money they make, because I didn’t ask. But research shows women are the key purchasers in families. This means they buy stuff. A lot of it. And they will likely want to buy it from you.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with your results, I will refund your money.

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