3 Ways To Protect Your Dog This Summer

It’s summer time in Vancouver.

Which means men and women are walking around half-naked but not making eye contact, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WE DO IN VANCOUVER Y’ALL.

We also have dogs that are panting and wondering why they are outside when they would rather be inside sleeping on a dog bed that looks like a pepperoni pizza.

We’ve put together a little helpful guide to help keep your dog cool and safe this summer.

1. The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Mat

I have no idea how this cooling mat works as it doesn’t use electricity and it doesn’t need to be frozen. Max has come to the conclusion is uses magic. Whatever it is, cool mats = happy dog. $55.99 for a large cooling mat.

green pet shop dog cooling pad

2. Cooling Bandana by CorgiKuriandFriends

Simply put these bandanas in the freezer and you are left with some pretty darn cool bandanas that last up to 1.5hrs in the heat. $25.56.

dog cooling bandana

3. Nose Sunscreen By The Blissful Dog

Dogs’ little poop sniffers can get scorched by the sun. Protect them with this nose sunscreen by The Blissful Dog that contains only good stuff such as red raspberry seed oil which has a┬ánatural SPF of between 28 and 50. Amazing! Starting at $5.45.

The Blissful Dog, Natural sunscreen for dogs

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