Pretty dog clothing – Dantes Dog Bandanas

Dogs wear bandanas and humans drink coffee. WHY? Because that’s what mainstream media and Dave Asprey tells us we should do. Are we upset about this? NO. Because we love creme caramel flavoured coffee with marshmallows and butter in it (that’s how you make a bulletproof coffee right?), and dogs that wear blue bandanas with […]…


Unique dog shirts – Addidog

Sometimes you want your dog to be naked, and sometimes you want him to be a walking Addidas billboard advertisement like David Beckham or Missy Elliot. WHY – so he can wear a shirt with ADDIDOG on it. Sorta like ADDIDAS, but BETTER. Get Addidog for $9.33 from…


Flexy Paw Camera Dog Treat Holder

Is it difficult to get your dog to look at your camera because he’s too interested in listening to your next door neighbour talk about what Brenda did at the office yesterday that was: “OH SO OUT OF CONTEXT FOR THE SITUATION. AND SHE REALLY SHOULDN’T HAVE SPOKEN TO JOE LIKE THAT.” Well here’s the […]…