What Fish Tacos and Dogs Can Teach You About Uncertainty

Dog Running Mid Flight, dog in air

Do you run from uncertainty?

I was over at my friends’ house in North Vancouver the other day. We were eating freshly grilled white fish tacos with homemade tortillas while talking about the purpose of life. (Naturally as you do over fish tacos).

While I sat on a rustic looking wooden stool by their kitchen island eating a still warm taco, I asked Alexa: “Does it ever bother you that none of us really know why we are on earth. I mean we have theories, but there’s no universal truth. No one really knows.”

She then paused and said something that changed my perception about uncertainty.

She said: “Does it really matter that we don’t know?”

That really got me thinking.

I spend a lot of my time trying (and failing) to figure out the answer to everything. But if I was ok with not knowing the answer to unknowable things, could that be ok?

Because technically, either way, I don’t know the answer.

Why Uncertainty Is Ok

1. A lot of things in life have no universal answer that everyone can agree on.

For example:

  1. Why are we on earth? No one really knows.
  2. Where do we go when we die? No one really knows.
  3. Why does Max drink from puddles but not public dog water bowls? No one really knows.

If we stop trying to figure out things we can never really know, we would have more time to do other things such as buy 24 carat dog bowls or visit organic dog grooming spas.

How did I end up in a lake? I do not know.

How did I end up in a lake? I do not know.

2. Dogs never know what’s going on and they seem happy

Dogs never really have a clue where we are taking them. A car ride could end up at the vet, the beach or a naked animal zoo.

They don’t know.

But for the most part, they just go along with us and hopefully trust we have their best interests in heart.

And that’s sorta like us and the world.

If we trust things will work out somehow (and even if they don’t), we feel a lot happier on the journey rather than dreading every step of the way.

I don’t know about you, but the less I analyze things, the better things go in my life.

Dog peeing on bush

When you aren’t sure where you are, just pee

3. When you don’t know something, you are more teachable

Think about little kids. They ask questions about everything because they are ok knowing they don’t know anything. If you continue the attitude of knowing you don’t know things, it’s more likely you will learn more things, because you won’t assume you know it all.

You also won’t start questioning everything you ever knew about life when you realize you are colour blind and the orange cardigan you’ve had for 5 years is in fact pink because you never assumed it was orange in the first place.

4. Uncertainty is certain

If you need a bit of certainty, you can be certain that uncertainty in life is certain.

So there you have it. Our thoughts about life. But enough about us. What about you? Do you wonder why we are here? What do you think dogs believe in? Would you use a 24 carat gold dog bowl?

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