Vancouver Pet Store: Bones Pet Stores

Vancouver Pet Store: Bones Pet Stores

The short version:

The reason I like Bones Pet Stores is threefold. It has great parking, I love their logo, and they carry Maxipoo’s fave dog food Stella & Chewy’s. The end.

The long version:

Well hello there. I appreciate you sticking along for the ride. Here are some more reasons I love Bones Pet Stores.

Firstly, the owner is super nice and always gives me free samples which I keep in my apartment in case of a zombie apocalypse.

The layout of Bones Pet Stores is also fantastic. It feels like a Yaletown Feng Shui expert placed the store’s dog treats in the perfect direction to increase the chi in the room. Considering most Yaletown stores are the size of a bag of fish flavoured dog treats that were found in an alley, Bones Pet Stores is impressively large for its location.

Raw Goodness

Bones Pet Stores carries a good selection of raw dog food including Nature’s Variety, Primal Stella & Chewy’s Red Dog Blue Kat. They also carry a variety of high quality dried foods, treats, and toys.

The Verdict

Bones Pet Stores is the perfect addition to Yaletown for dog owners who are looking for items they need on a regular like dog food, poop bags, dog chews, and lifelong happiness. So go on, give ’em a visit. (Also, as a side bonus, like their Facebook page to enter weekly giveaways!)


Bones Pet Stores
191 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4Z8

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