Vancouver Dog Events: 1st Pet Craft Artisan Day at Moonlight Dog Café

Moonlight Dog Café are hosting a fabuloso dog artisan day with 10% of profits going to local rescues!

dog eating out of hand

Your dog will be eating out of your hand by the end of the event

The deets…

WHAT: They’ll have 6 local artisans who make awesome stuff for your pets and you in their store.

WHEN: Sat July 25th, 10am-1pm.

WHERE: Moonlight Dog Café, 835 Beatty Street, Suite 100, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2M6

WHY: Products include yummy organic chops, pupcakes, hand-knitted scarves, hand-stitched toys and accessories for both your pets and yourselves.

ARTISANS: Funky catnip toy designers 2forksdesign, tasty baked dog treat creators bah! Baked at home, organic cotton scarves for dogs knitters Knits for Pits, pet Reiki healer Tamara Fosty, and gourmet, frozen dog treat wizards Pawsh Chops.

LOCAL RESCUES: 10% of proceeds will go towards the Hugabull Advocacy and the Rescue Society mission and the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).

Moonlight dog cafe vancouver

Moonlight Dog Café Vancouver


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