Vancouver Christmas Presents for Dogs

The reindeers are singing. People are wrapping up gifts. And dogs are pooing: Which signals that it’s nearly Christmas time y’all.

If you are struggling to decide what to buy your coworker’s dog Belinda this Christmas, panic no more. I Am Vancouver Dog is here to give you 3 top notch gifts that will blow Belinda’s mind.

1. Grinch Edition BarkBox, Starting at $21

Grinch Edition BarkBox, Vancouver Christmas Dog Presents

BarkBox is a subscription service that provides your dog with at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. This December BarkBox has a Grinch theme to signal all things Christmas and to celebrate the people (or dogs) that hate Christmas.

2. Groupon – Eddie Bauer Dog Jacket, $34.99

Nothing screams I am a North American dog more than wearing an Eddie Bauer Quilted dog jacket that you bought off Groupon. It has a triple layer for warmth and faux suede shoulder patches to make your dog look intelligent while he is pooping.

3. DivvyUp – Custom made dog socks with your doggy on it, USD $24

Sometimes you want to wear socks with your dog’s face on them. And sometimes your dog wants to wear socks with your face on them. Now you can have both. DivvyUp produce custom made socks with faces on them. Simply send them a photo, they do something with it, and it ends up on socks. Job done.

If you have any snazzy dog christmas presents to share with us, leave us a comment or look at us intently while you think of the thing you want us to know. Adios Amigas.

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