Trying out GoFetch – The New Dog Walking Service In Vancouver

Sometimes you just don’t want to walk your dog.

Perhaps it’s because your building is having its annual christmas party in your lobby, and you want to AVOID HUMANS AND CHRISTMAS MUSIC AT ALL COSTS.

Or perhaps you are tired from working hard all day for that monay you are using to knit your dog a GIANT IGLOO for his birthday.

Whatever the reason, we were super excited to hear about GoFetch, a new service that offers trained dog walkers for $9 for every half hour.

How does GoFetch work in Vancouver girl?

Alls you gotta do is visit their website,, fill in your info. and you get a dog walker to your door asap. Sorta like Uber, but for dog walking. We tried it and here’s what happened…

1. We booked a dog walk on Friday at 3pm and received a text confirmation when Marina was on her way to walk Max. (They have a bunch of dog walkers available to be booked.)

2. We then met the lovely Marina when she buzzed up to our apartment. We came down with her and then Max showed her around the park

GoFetch Dog Walking Review Vancouver

3. Then Max did a poopy

Gofetch dog walking review vancouver

4. Max then walked some more and did a lil shaky shaky

GoFetch Dog Walking Service Vancouver

5. We all then came back up to the apartment. Max wouldn’t leave Marina’s side. And he cried after she left.

GoFetch Dog Walking Service Vancouver

What we thought about GoFetch Dog Walking in Vancouver

I have never used a dog walking service in Vancouver as I am a bit weary of letting a random take my dog out.

What I really like about GoFetch, is that it hires salaried walkers who have had background checks and have had at least one year’s experience with dogs. The walkers also have a company phone so that GoFetch can track their location at any time.

After using GoFetch I would totally use the dog walking service on random days where I really can’t take Max out like when I am sick as on normal days I like to walk him myself.

I see this being a helpful service and at only $9 for every half hour I think it’s super affordable. Grand job GoFetch for being a great service AND for being nice people.

Get a free walk with GoFetch

If you wanna try out GoFetch and see if your dog cries because he misses the walker so much, use the code MAXWALK on and get a FREE WALK. WOOP WOOP!

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