Tough Dog Beds by The Three Marbles

three marbles dog bed

We’ve been through our fair share of dog beds while Maxipoo was a puppy and a teen who liked to pee on everything his little heart desired.

If you have a little one who likes to use his dog bed as a chew toy, pee magnet, or moveable transport system, you will love The Three Marbles Dog Bed.

three marbles dog bed, tough dog beds, indestructible dog bedsHere’s why:

  • This bed is unzippable so you can wash the entire thing.
  • The main cushion is waterproof on one side and fluffy and warm on the other side, so you can choose which side your dog rests on (dependent on whether he’s a dog bed urinator or not.)
  • And it’s puppy trouble proof – the zippers are hidden, there are no loose threads due to gold binding, and the bed is heavy so it can’t be thrown around during late night puppy parties.

You can pick one up today at Amazon for $34.97 USD.


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