Thundershirt Review for Dog Travel Anxiety

Thundershirt Review for Dog Travel Anxiety

Max is terrified of the car.

Perhaps it’s because he’s used to driving on the left hand side in England and now that we drive on the right hand side in Vancouver, Canada, he thinks we are going to have an accident.

Yep, I am pretty sure that’s it.

When we me and Max are driving, he stands in his little dog bed (which has a seatbelt btw.) and shakes and screams as if I am driving onto the highway of impending doom.

I don’t really understand why he hates the car considering as 999 out of 1000 times we are going somewhere really awesome like the beach or daycare. And 1 of those 1000 times he gets a thermometer stuck up his bum (at the vet, not at the beach).

It’s really hard seeing Max so anxious. I tried giving him homeopathic travel anxiety medication, I tried hiding disgusting smelling dried fish treats in his chair, hell I was so desperate I even tried putting on some soft jazz for him, but nothing worked.

Then I saw an ad for Thundershirt and bought it from my fave pet store in North Vancouver Korna.

A Thundershirt is an attractive looking jacket (think sportscoat but the dog version) that fits snuggly around your dog and magically reduces his/her anxiety.

I have no idea why dogs like being held tightly, but this jacket has the same effect as swaddling a baby. Right away when Max wore this jacket, he sat down in his chair and calmed down.

He was still a little anxious and shook slightly but his anxiety probably decreased by about 50%. It was also helpful that he wasn’t frantically trying to escape from the car like usual.

The Thundershirt also made him look really smart and debonair. He sorta looked like a little doggy professor who was going to teach a puppy class about the importance of mindfulness while peeing.

I really recommend Thundershirt to anyone who has a dog who gets anxious. I just wish they made these for humans…

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