Things to do with dogs in Vancouver: DogStars Dog Acting Class

If you’ve been searching for something fun to do with your dog in Vancouver, look no further my friends.

You can now take your dog to acting school.

That’s right, DogStars holds a two part intro. to acting class for dogs that teaches them awesome things to make it big in the film industry or just have fun and learn some new things like hit a designated mark, take a bow, wipe their face, lick their lips and shop for groceries at WholeFoods.

Well the last skill I added in, but wouldn’t that be helpful if dogs could do that?

How oh how can my dog learn to act in Vancouver!?

Georgina Bradley, owner of DogStars, board certified professional dog trainer AND super rad lady, holds classes in Vancouver at Ball and Biscuit and New Wesminster at Bosleys’ Pet Store.

In fact, her classes are so successful, her students are getting acting jobs. She helped to train French Bulldog aptly named Star who got a part in this Suzuki car commercial…

We checked out a DogStars intro. to acting class at Bosleys’ and holy crapola was it amazing.

We watched as three confident women walked their beautiful dogs into a lovingly fenced off area of Bosleys’ pet store while the pet store cats watched, almost as if they were taking notes to fuel their own acting careers.

Cat at Bosleys' Pet Store

I am going to watch this acting class. Then I will take over the world. Meow.

We even saw one of the mid-sized fluffy dogs constantly sneezing before class began, because he was so excited to start. (Dogs sneeze when they are happy or excited.)

Georgina then started the class where the dogs’ first task was to hit a designated mark with their paw that the owner placed on the ground. And did they ever.

Sweet Pitbull

Yep. I got this.



The dogs then moved onto some good ole bowing on command.

Dog learning to bow

I bow to you Georgina.

Some dogs got it right away. Some needed some extra time. But Georgina is like one of those really kind teachers from school. She’s SUPER nice and has this amazingly calm but motivating and fun energy about her. So if a dog needed a little help, she would come by and help, and the dog would be all like “thanks for the help girl.”

What really struck me the most about DogStar intro. to acting was that I was having tons of fun, and I was thinking about how this would be an amazing thing for me and Max to do.

Firstly because we are running out of things to do together. (Max is getting tired of watching chick flicks with me and listening to Deepak Chopra and Oprah meditation tapes.)

And secondly Max has started to find his own ways to entertain himself like breaking into sealed bags of dog treats, ripping up tissues from my handbag and prank calling me at work.

Cute dog giving paw

Right so you call my agent and i’ll do the packing. We are going to Hollywood.

Try something new with your dog in Vancouver

If you’ve been wanting to do something new and fun with your dog, DogStars intro. to acting is a great way to:

  • Connect with your dog in a new and fun way which is more exciting than basic dog obedience classes
  • Build confidence in your dog and make him comfortable around other dogs and people
  • Train your dog to take part in the filming industry, if he’s up for it. (Like humans, some dogs wanna act in movies and some just wanna learn things, meet new dogs and have fun.)

Intro. to acting costs $195 for 5 weeks and the next classes are coming up in August. If you are interested in checking out DogStars intro. to acting classes, visit the DogStars website for more information.

We will likely be taking a class in August too, so we will see you there 🙂

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