The Vancouver Office Dog Club: VanCity Buzz’s Spenser

Like Jay Z said, it’s a hard knock life

And no one knows this better than office dogs. Office dogs do more than look cute and pee on the floor when no ones watching. They are an army. An army of do gooders who are trying to rid the world of cats, postal workers and personal hygiene.

According to Oprah, to become the best at something it’s important to model your behaviour off someone who knows what they are doing. We’ve therefore decided to profile our fave office dogs around Vancouver to find out a little more about them so Maxipoo can become the best office dog possible.

Today say hello to Spenser from Vancity Buzz.

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Spenser’s position at Vancity Buzz:

Buzz Dog

Spenser Likes:

  1. Swimming
  2. Duck Toy
  3. Playing Fetch
  4. Sleeping in burrowed locations (under the couch, under the bed, in between blankets)

Spenser Dislikes:

  1. Baths (Ironic because he loves swimming)
  2. The rain
  3. The Vacuum/Mop

Thanks for this interview Spenser. Keep doing your thang playa.

Follow Spenser on Instagram today and show him some love: SpenserthePom.

Are you an office dog?

Are you a dog that wants to work in an office? Do you love multitasking, thinking out of the litter box and hitting the ground running? Contact us today. We would love to hear your story:

In the mean time, here is Max listening to It’s a Hard Knock Life.

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