Sponsored Post: Contest and What Max Thought About Mixed Feeding And Mariah Carey

A lot has Changed since Max tried the Mixed Feeding Challenge.

  • Max got a hair cut
  • So did I
  • I realized I want to start a business that changes the world
  • Max realized he wants to start a business where he naps while listening to old Mariah Carey songs

What about the mixed feeding challenge?

Yes yes y’all. As you may know, Maxipoo tried the mixed feeding challenge where he ate a mix of dry and wet food for four weeks. I was pretty amazed by the results. First, I thought Max wouldn’t eat it, but he literally went buck wild when he saw the wet food. It smelled so good, even I wanted to try it.

The dry food was also super fab too. It was in a bunch of cute shapes, and Max liked the taste of it too. I wet it a little before giving it to him because he tends to scarf down his food without chewing it.

iams dry dog food

The food also helped in the toilet department. His tummy was super happy, and there was no flatulence to speak of.

Most importantly, Max seemed to really enjoy the variation of food he was given.

FullSizeRender 15

Mixed Feeding Contest

If you are interested in trying the mixed feeding challenge simply visit our Facebook page and share the post about the contest and you will be entered to win a $100 prize pack including wet and dry dog food and a bunch of fun toys like in the image below! (Please note the the foods featured in the mixed feeding challenge do contain chicken, so if your doggy has skin allergies or tummy allergies relating to chicken, it may not be the best fit for him.)

mixed feeding contest

To learn more about mixed feeding visit petmixedfeeding.ca, or check out this infographic below.

mixedfeeding challenge


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