Sponsored post: Psychic Readings for Dogs with Angel Morgan

Sponsored post: Psychic Readings for Dogs with Angel Morgan

Does your dog Betty every wonder how long she should wait to text Felicity after their awkward first date where Betty had to urgently poo in public on the Vancouver Seawall?

Well now she doesn’t have to wonder – she can talk to pet psychic Angel Morgan.

Pet psychic Angel Morgan has been providing psychic reading for 16 years and has a show on Rogers TV called Raising Energy. Angel Morgan does psychic readings for animals via Zoom. That’s why we were skipping through the park like Bella in Twilight when she got in contact with us to do a psychic reading.

We wanted to ask her some imperative questions such as:

Angel Morgan Pet Psychic

What happens in a pet psychic reading?

GOOD QUESTION. Similar to all meetings at the moment, you book a meeting over Zoom. (Except during a psychic reading we don’t have to pretend we are listening when actually we are a whisking up an oat milk latte with our new electric mini whisk – because this psychic reading fully captivated our attention.)

So this is how it went

We had a 30 minute session with me and Angel, while Max was not included in the Zoom meeting as he was napping on a stick/garbage/dirt on the floor.

Morgan didn’t ask any questions to us in the beginning and we didn’t mention any details of our lives and she started talking about what she sees about Max including health, happiness and needs he has.

A couple of things that stuck out to me were I had texted my friend the day before saying that me and Max were like an old married couple, and in the reading Angel mentioned that me and Max were like an old married couple.

I had also been searching shelters online for a male companion for Max because Max only likes boy doggies, which I hadn’t told Angel, and Angel mentioned that Max wants a little brother. Other things she mentioned about Max, I won’t know if they are true until the future, so stay tuned.


The reading was really fun, and I felt really comfortable with Angel and the session whipped by. I also felt she genuinely cared about me and Max, and she had a great sense of humour. I could see this service being really entertaining for a dog birthday party.

I look forward to see if the other things Angel mentioned come true. Until that time, stay tuned my friends…

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