Sponsored Post: NOW FRESH Fish in the Shape of Clover Shaped Pieces of Joy

Sponsored Post: NOW FRESH Fish in the Shape of Clover Shaped Pieces of Joy

It’s rare that you see food as beautiful as Max’s ebony eyes…

but Petcurean have created lil pebbles of joy with these tasty clover shaped kibbles.

Why Petcurean NOW FRESH fish rocks: it’s so small y’all

petcurean now fresh fish

Max will swallow his food unless it’s the size of his foot. Then he will happily chew on it while staring at me telling me to buy him easier to swallow food.

BUT with Petcurean NOW FRESH Fish Max can swallow his food now to his little heart’s content, and I don’t have to worry about him choking on it.

Because it is the smallest kibble I have ever seen.

Why Petcurean NOW FRESH is awesome for humans too: it’s got velcro bro

velcro in petcurean NOW FRESH dog food bag

Do you spend hours trying to close dog kibble packages when you would rather be out with your hot neighbour Ned talking about the terrible Vancouver housing prices?

Petcurean have solved this lifelong problem by adding VELCRO to their bags.

We are seriously amazed and hope all bags moving onwards in the entire world include velcro – and a note from hot neighbour Ned.

We also hope Petcurean somehow solve the Vancouver housing crisis.

Petcurean NOW FRESH ain’t got no crapola

Now fresh petcurean dog food review i am vancouver dog

Lastly, we love NOW FRESH fish cause it’s only 100%┬átrout, salmon and herring. (Many times fish kibble has chicken ingredients lower down in their ingredients of 1,000 plus items.) We love this because chicken and turkey make Max flatulent in daycare – and no one wants that – except for Max.

If you wanna try a bag of NOW FRESH fish, you can save $5 by checking out their website.

Sponsored Post

This is a sponsored post written by us for our friends at Petcurean.

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