Review of Liker by Collar

Today Max had a fight with his monkey.

I am vancouver dog monkeyI therefore thought it appropriate to cheer him up with a new toy ball called Liker by Collar.

review of liker by collarAnd this is what happened…

Max played with Liker and tried to pass the beautiful orange ball to his monkey as an act of love. Monkey clearly didn’t reciprocate and it will take a while to recuperate from this argument. But two things are clear, Max likes liker, and Max just wants to be liked by monkey.

Conclusion about Liker by Collar

We like Liker by Collar for multiple reasons.

Firstly, it’s orange, so when Max hides the ball under my pillow, I will find it easier to remove it than pig ears and dog bones which can go for years in hidden spots in my bed due to their ability to camouflage under flowery bed sheets.

It’s light, meaning it will float in water. Max is not much of a swimmer, however if he decides to become a sailor and wear a sailor uniform, this is the ball we will take with us.

This is the outfit Max would wear:

sailor dog outfit and bed

It’s durable. Max’s favourite squeaky plush ball looks like a homeless hamster that has borrowed a blanket from an even more homeless guinea pig. Max’s Liker on the other hand, still looks orange like the Sun, (isn’t the sun yellow I hear you cry? Yes, yes it is). And I am not worried it will put people off their dinner if it’s lying around and we happen to be eating dinner because Liker doesn’t look dirty or el grosso.

Want a Liker by Collar?

We understand. What you are feeling is normal. Everyone goes through it, and the most important thing is to remember you are not alone.

Pick up a Liker by Collar starting at $4.90.

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