5 Awesome Repurposed and Vintage Dog Feeders

Sometimes when your garburator and oven break on the same day you just want to roll up your sleeves, get out your tool kit, go to Home Depot, then come home and buy some unique dog feeders on Etsy.

Here are some dog feeders I came across while looking at “how to fix your garburator yourself” articles on this beautiful thing we call the internet. Enjoy.

1. Old Crate Dog Feeder by Decorella, DIY

Old crate dog feeder

Well, this old crate dog feeder you actually do make yourself. But if you are handy. It’s doable. Alas I am not. Thus Aisha and Max heart Etsy. But big up to this lady who gives you step by step instructions on how to make a feeder out of a crate. You go girl.

2. Elevated White Vintage Personalized Dog Feeder by baconsquarefarm $192.84

Etsy dog feeder white vintage

I assume only fairies and magic sprinkle dust can make something so beautiful. This amazing vintage looking dog feeder even has your dog’s name monogrammed on the front. LOVE this.

3. Repurposed Chair Dog Feeder by reclaimedhome, $166.25

Sometimes dogs want to sit on chairs. And sometimes they want to eat from them. Now they don’t have to choose between both.

Chair repurposed dog feeder


4. Blue vintage dog feeder by TinRoseDesigns, $73.15

Blue vintage dog feeder

This blue coloured vintage dog feeder makes me feel like i’m in Greece eating sardines by the ocean while I sing to Max. Beautiful.

5. Repurposed Drawer Dog Feeder, baconsquarefarm, $118.37

Drawer repurposed dog feeder

These handmade vintage feeders remind me of beautiful vintage side tables. Imagine how cute this would be if it had a drawers where you could store your dogs’ clothes or your garburator limited warranty.

What about you? Do you have a garburator that works? Do you sometimes wish your dog knew how to nail together a dog feeder?

Tell me your hopes and dreams below. If you comment, it might just make my day.

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