RC Pets Urban Woodsman Collar – The Canadian Dog Collar for Manly Men

RC Pets Collar, Red, Tartan, Dog Collar

Max is a guy’s guy. He eats raw meat with a generous side plate of danger and rolls around in freshly-served, Canadian goose poop.

Not because he has to, but because he can.

However as Max’s outer appearance is that of a Spanish goddess and people keep referring to him as “she”, Max and I decided it was time to make it more obvious he is a young Canadian man with the reflexes of a Scottish James Bond.

We thought this rugged red and black Urban Woodsman collar RC Pets kindly sent us would do just the trick.

RC Pets Urban Woodsman Collar

I get a faint whiff of handsomeness with the potential of smelling like goose poop in the near future

The Vancouver-made collar has deer adorning the tartan pattern that seem to whisper: “I am man. Hear me roar.”

And by golly did they roar.

We talked to Max about his new RC Pets Urban Woodsman collar to find out what he thought about it. He said: “Deer on collar – good. Me like Sean Connery. Max pee pee. Pee Pee Pee. LOOK A BIRD.”

As Max is a man of few words we asked him to express himself through art.

doberman and maltese dog,

Because I am so manly now I am no longer afraid of ponies

RC Pets Urban Woodsman Collar

Taking a moment to inhale the scent of manliness

Dachshund and Maltese

My manly roaring attracted all the dogs in the neighbourhood including my friend Felix

If you are looking for a classy new collar for your dawg check out RC Pets range of sweet, sweet collars with a multitude of patterns that won’t break the bank at a mere $11 – $16.50. Now that’s a bargain people.

We are now off to buy some lumber.


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