Puller dog tug toy by Collar

After a long day of digging in dirt and peeing on other peoples plants, Max wants to kick up his heels and watch some TV. However now we’ve found something even better to help him relax into the evening.

A Puller by Collar

Puller by Collar is a round high-purity polymer toy that dogs can chew on, pull on, fetch and pretty much do whatever they please with. It’s lightweight, floatable and purple.

Purple = The best colour in the world.

Here is what Max thought of Puller

Puller by collar, dog tug toy

Can I pee on this?

puller by collar, dog tug toy

Let’s play people

We loved the Puller. Max chews on it, pretends to fetch it then licks it, and plays tug with it.

You can get your very own from Puller for $14.90.

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