Petshop: Star Pets Only Yaletown

Petshop: Star Pets Only Yaletown

It can be hard to find a decent selection of raw dog food in Vancouver. However Yaletown inhabitants seem to have hit the jackpot with Star Pets Only in Yaletown. The small store is chockablock with raw goodness. So good that Max literally tried to walk into one of their freezers.

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Yep, this will do fabulously. I just need to add in a dog bed and some pina coladas.

Well really what dog wouldn’t want to do that as their 4 plus freezers seem to hold the treasure chest of raw food brands including my favourites: Red Dog Blue Cat and Natural Instinct. They also carry a juicy selection of frozen bones.

The store also carries a good selection of dry food including Orijen, Stella and Chewys and some other brands that I can’t remember the name of but know they are good. (You know which ones I am talking about.)

The staff are also incredibly nice. When Max first moved to Canada he tried to pee in the entrance of the store, but luckily I pulled him away in time. The owners just smiled and told me not to worry about it. That’s the true test of good people y’all.

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Apparently posing by dog beds makes me angry.


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