Pet Pasture The Real Grass Pee Pad

Pet Pasture The Real Grass Pee Pad

I lived in London 3 years ago when mass rioting broke out. Empty cabs were being set on fire and building glass windows were being smashed on my street. But I had an even bigger problem.

I had a cute, new puppy that needed to pee, and he would only pee outside.

I therefore snuck out for minutes at a time with Max who leisurely strolled around sniffing and seeking the perfect spot to pee on while I glanced around me anxiously, worrying we would get caught up in the violence.

If only I knew what I know now about Pet Pasture.

Pet Pasture is a Vancouver based company that provides rectangles of fresh grass growing out of a thick layer of soil in recyclable cardboard boxes. You lay the pretty, leak proof box on your balcony or patio and create a beautiful peeing area for your apartment dwelling dog.

It’s that simple.

The lovely owner of Pet Pasture, Eva Mastalyr, delivers a fresh package to you every week. (Prices range from $19-$23 per box, depending on how often you order). You then throw away the grass and recycle the cardboard box of your used Pet Pasture after a week or so.

Pet Pasture is a crazy smart idea for dog owners who sometimes need their dogs to pee indoors. It’s perfect if you:

  • Don’t want to go out late at night to take your dog out to pee
  • Have a dog that prefers peeing on real grass rather than pee pads
  • Have a puppy that you are trying to housetrain on real grass
  • Or like me, simply want to imagine you have an indoor garden

Pet Pasture kindly gave us a sample to try out and here’s what happened…

Max sniffed it.

Pet Pasture, Pee Pad, Grass, Dog pee pad

I get a whiff of grass with a side helping of grass

Max wondered if it was a spaceship that was taking his human back home.

Pet Pasture, Pee Pad, Grass, Dog pee pad

Who are you really human?

All the thinking made Max tired, so he decided to take a nap on Pet Pasture

Pet Pasture, Pee Pad, Grass, Dog pee pad

Nap time!!

A few hours passed. Max took another nap on Pet Pasture

pet-pasture, dog-napping, pee-pad, grass

I am a floating head

Max ate dinner, called a friend, then hung out on Pet Pasture and probably fell asleep again.



This is GREAT NEWS. Before Max started using his pee pads he also slept on them before peeing on them.

Why? Because Max goes to all lengths to defy all the laws of housetraining dog books which say that dogs don’t sleep where they pee.

Pet Pasture is pretty swell for the following reasons:

  1. It masks the sight of urine so you can’t see it unlike on regular pee pads. That’s pretty awesome if your dog decides to pee during a fancy schmancy dinner party when Beyoncé and Jay Z or the Queen decide to visit.
  1. Pet Pasture isn’t just a pee area. Max LOVES Pet Pasture and has found a variety of uses for it. He did morning yoga on it, he napped on it, he sniffed it, he stored his dog chew on it, and I’m confident in a week or so, once he is more familiar with it, he will start using it for what its meant for – peeing. (Ironically, he currently tries to pee on the Pet Pasture demo outside Star Pets Only in Yaletown every time we walk by. It probably helps that other dogs have marked it.)
  1. Pet Pasture is more environmentally friendly than using pee pads that can’t be recycled.
  1. Pet Pasture is a pretty amazing solution to house training a dog. I know when Max was a puppy he absolutely would not pee on pee pads. I think this definitely would have helped housetrain him. Especially if I could get another dog to pee on the Pet Pasture first. (Yes, that’s the lengths you go to when you are house training a dog y’all.)

I am super duper impressed with the quality of Pet Pasture, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has a pup who needs some help with housetraining.

Your couches, TV stand and your neighbour’s pant legs (yes, Max as a puppy peed on a person’s leg) will lovingly thank you…

Want to find out more about Pet Pasture? Check out their website or Facebook page.

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