Paw Su-Crème Dog Paw Balm

Paw Su-Crème Dog Paw Balm

Unless your dog goes to a salsa dance social on Fridays in Vancouver and wears specially made (and shiny) doggy salsa shoes, the chances are he has been walking bare foot around town in Vancouver most of his life.

This means he has walked on grass, gravel, goose poop, sand, puddles, wooden floors, more goose poop, worms, and the floors of a CrossFit gym if your dog does doggy CrossFit. (This is Vancouver people. It could happen. And I sincerely hope it does.)

Anyhoo I digress. My point is: dogs’ paw pads can get pretty dry y’all.

That’s where Paw Su-Crème paw balm comes in. It’s a top notch, natural product that includes as many organic ingredients as founder Faith Chipman could source to moisturize, protect and heal your pooches paws.

Paw Su-Crème

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Why do you need to moisturize your pooches paws I hear you cry?

Well, like human feet, they can get dry and look a little el grosso. But even more seriously, cracked and dry paws can get infected.

So for example in the winter when your dog is sprinting across salt filled streets trying to make it home before curfew, the salt can dry out your lil’ guys feet.

And in the summer when you dog is running on the beach showing off his post CrossFit body, the sand and dryness can also dry out his feet.

Before using Paws Su-Crème

Moisturize my feet woman

The secret ingredient of Paw Su-Crème paw balm: Emu Oil

Faith discovered emu oil when she was dealing with her own issues with dry skin. She had psoriasis and had tried everything to get rid of it. Then she stumbled upon emu oil at a farmer’s market for $17.

The result? Emu oil cured Faith’s psoriasis in one day.

After some research, Faith realized that emu oil could also greatly benefit dogs. She started using it in her dog-grooming spa in Victoria, BC and after rave reviews decided to make Paw Su-Crème.

Paw Su-Crème contains emu oil that is a rad moisturizer for dog paws. It easily penetrates skin and also has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and healing properties to protect his paws.

Emu oil is so healing because it lacks ‘phospholipids’.  So when it meets and interacts with skin or paw pads there is no barrier to entry and can be absorbed much deeper than other oils.

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The Magic Effects of Emu Oil

When emu oil is used as a carrier oil, it also draws down the properties of anything else it’s mixed with too. That’s why the cool combo of emu oil with calendula, vitamin E and zinc (in organic sunflower seed oil), organic aloe, and organic lavender essential oil in Paw Su-Crème means that they are all synergistically absorbed together for a powerful healing and moisturising effect. Pretty amazing!

What we thought of Paw Su-Crème

I hadn’t actually looked at Max’s paws in a while and it turns out they were pretty dry. I grabbed a stick of Paw Su-Crème (that was kindly sent to us by Faith) and lathered it over his legs for a week. The stick was super easy to use and Max seemed to enjoy the impromptu foot massage.

I was really surprised by the results. Firstly, and strangely, it helped Max and I bond which wasn’t something I was really expecting. But most importantly, it really moisturized his little feet. I found a huge difference between before I started using it to just a few day after. His little paw pads were black instead of grey because they were moisturized (even if I skipped a day of the product).

Before using Paw Su-Crème


After using Paw Su-Crème


High quality, organic sourced when possible ingredients

I was also really impressed by the ingredients of Paw Su-Crème. The stick we used contained: emu oil, calendula infused organic sunflower seed oil, beeswax, ecosoy wax, aloe and organic lavender essential oil.

There were no nasty chemicals or things we couldn’t pronounce. (Max can pronounce emu oil perfectly fine).

Paw Su-Crème also smelled so good I was tempted to use it as a hand moisturizer, (but after it had been put on Maxi’s stinky goose poop feet, I decided this may not be the best idea).

I am a raving fan of Paw Su-Crème. I will definitely continue to use this, and I have a feeling this stick is going to last a really long time.

Paw Su-Crème Paw Balm Giveaway

Enter to win one of these products

Enter to win one of these products!


If you want to be entered into a draw to win one of your own sticks or jar of Paw Su-Crème, visit our Facebook page and share the post featuring the giveaway. (It will be at the top of the page.) Competition is open to those in mainland Vancouver. Two winners will be chosen. Good luck!

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