Book on demand dog visits in Vancouver with OfficeDog!

Book on demand dog visits in Vancouver with OfficeDog!

Work Recess Sessions With OfficeDog

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were super excited for recess in school? You would run through the playground with wild abandon. Poke trees with old, mouldy sticks. And pretend you were a superhero human-sized butterfly with a magic belt?

Compare that to work now

What do you do for recess? Do you run through your office with wild abandon. Do you jump around in circles with glee?

If the answer is no. Now you can. With OfficeDog. Because Max the OfficeDog does this every live-long day.

OfficeDog brings I Am Vancouver Dog’s Max to offices for employee recess reminded people that life is about having fun, loving one another, and eating organic, local dog cookies.

How does it work?

Great question. Thanks for asking. Maxipoo and his two human cohorts visit offices in Vancouver in 30 or 60 minute sessions. Maxinator then hangs out with employees, eats dog cookies with them (humans don’t have to eat the dog cookies), and plays with them.

Book a session now!

We are offering 50% off for the first 10 people who book a session with OfficeDog. Simply use coupon code MAXLOVE. (Please note coupon is case sensitive.)

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