NOW FRESH Pork Stew Review

At one point in Max’s life, he loved stew so much, he wanted to fill his car seat in it so he could eat it on his way to work.

dog in vancouver car seat, now fresh pork stew

The day Max wanted to fill his car seat with stew

So in our next team meeting, we decided to make tetra packs filled with stew instead, so Max could sit in these. (We also learned how to spell tetra pack.)

Thankfully, NOW FRESH got in touch with us before we set up our tetra pack stew factory in Yaletown, Vancouver and sent us a sample of their new grain-free pork stew with bone broth, conveniently packed in orange tetra packs.


The pork stew is filled with things Max likes to eat off the floor in our kitchen, such as fresh potatoes, carrots, peas, cranberries, sweet potatoes, flaxseed and apples.

It also smells frickin amazing AND the tetra packs are 100% recyclable and come from 65% renewable material.

We also love that NOW FRESH is made by a local, family owned company called Petcurean from Chilliwack, BC. BECAUSE FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. as is sitting in stew in tetra packs.

This is what Max thought of the stew.

1. Max tried it.

2. Then waited by the empty bowl for more and stared at me.

Max waiting for more food, petcurean now fresh dog food pork stew review

3. Then continued to stare at me even more

Max Now Fresh Petcurean review, NOW FRESH pork stew review

The NOW FRESH pork stew review verdict

Max is still staring at us because he likes NOW FRESH pork stew as much as he likes the episode of Oprah’s Masterclass where Jay Z talks about ALWAYS BEING YOURSELF.

He likes it a lot.

He loves the smell of it. He loves the look of it. And it also goes well with his sensitive little stomach.

Thank you Petcurean for always being yourself, and like Jay Z says: “You can pay for school but you can’t buy class.” This pork stew is one classy dish that we are happy to put in our car seat anytime.

Max trying NOW FRESH pork stew

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This was a sponsored post by our friends at Petcurean y’all. People send us stuff and if we think the stuff is rad and want people to know about it, we get paid to review it. Pretty sweet job really.

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