Naked Dog Spotted Wandering Streets of Yaletown

Naked Dog Spotted In Yaletown

Image credit to Stiletto Johnson who managed to take a picture of the naked dog before it ran away out of sight.

VANCOUVER, BC – There have been 159 calls about a naked dog wandering the streets of Yaletown. The non emergency police line states: “Yaletown inhabitants are surprised that the dog is not even wearing a scarf or being shielded by the waterproof cover of a baby-stroller/dog-carrier like other dogs in Yaletown.”

The dog, which seems to be a descendent of a white-furred-wolf from the prehistonic period, has been seen mostly in the seawall area near Urban Fare on Davie and Pacific Blvd.

Although some locals are terrified by the sighting, other locals seem to be encouraged. Shirley Sheaj who wanted to buy a one bedroom 100 foot apartment in the Yaletown area for less than 6 million dollars claims: “I went to a yin yoga class at YYoga in Yaletown and really visualized myself living in an affordable home and the universe responded – with a naked dog that has caused a sudden drop in real estate prices in the area.”

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