Mobile Dog Grooming Vancouver: Bordeaux Spaw

Mobile Dog Grooming Vancouver: Bordeaux Spaw

Have you ever been to a grooming salon that looks super nice but your dog tries to drag you out?

Dogs know when something doesn’t feel right and they follow their instincts. (We humans are a little different. We may not enjoy going to our hairdresser who constantly complains about how her cat Berty keeps pooping on her TV remote, but we do it anyways.)

That’s why we were thrilled when we spoke to Brittany Lockwood, the founder of Bordeaux Spaw, a super cool and calm mobile dog spa.

A Chill Environment and One Cool Lady

Brittany got our attention when she told us that it’s super important to her to have a calm and quiet environment where she takes her time while grooming animals.

This is because Brittany knows her stuff. She has been grooming dogs for an impressive 10 years and started her career at a friend’s salon.

She told us that when people go to school for dog grooming they learn to train on stuffed dogs – which isn’t super helpful.

Brittany wanted real hands on experience instead when she started grooming. She says: “Grooming is an art, like hair dressing. You learn how to do it by doing it. Anyone can read a book about it.”

We feel ya Brittany.

So once she graduated with a degree in animal sciences from school, she got hands on training from her friend and then started her own business Bordeaux Spaw.

Giving Back In More Ways Than One

bordeaux spa

Drying off at Bordeaux Spaw

Brittany volunteers her time to groom dogs at shelters to make them look super rad before adoption time rolls around. She also works as a vet assistant at an emergency vet clinic at night.

Yep – this is the type of lady we want handling Max’s unruly mane.

Want Your Pooch’s Hair Whipped Up into Shape?

Bordeaux spaw

A rescue dog getting groomed

Your dog grooming vision board has just come true. Get in touch with Brittany at and book an appt today. Or not today if you have plans. Another day works too.

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