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Why We Joined The Mixed Feeding Challenge

Max, like Justin Bieber, and the homeless man that lives in the park by my apartment, likes to sing shirtless. However this became a forgotten dream for Maxipoo as he had mega itchy flaky skin on his chest and paws. We tried a billion different raw dog foods, a $700 allergy test, omega oil, and even dog yoga to nourish his follicular issues – but nothing worked.

Then one day, after 6 years of experimentation, I accidentally bought him lower protein dog food – and in a day his itchiness was gone – and he was ready to roam the streets of Yaletown naked.

A couple of weeks later, I was super happy when serendipity came into play and IAMS contacted me with a new mixed feeding challenge they are doing. It had the right type of ingredients I was aiming for to keep Max in a lower protein diet than raw foods to keep his skin in tip top condition.

What is The Mixed Feeding Challenge?

Mixed feeding is where you feed your dog a mix of dry and wet food. The nice folks at IAMS sent us a gigantic pack of IAMS grain free Salmon and Red Lentil Dry Kibble and IAMS beef and vegetable in gravy and asked us if Max wanted to try it for four weeks. Max answered: Yes!

Iams Mixed Feeding Challenge

Singing shirtless – because I can

How Can You Do Mixed Feeding?

Well you can do whatever you want playa. You can give him dry kibble for one meal, wet for another, or mix them both. The cool thing is, introducing your dog to a mixed feeding diet is pretty easy – start off with a ratio of about 25% new food to 75% old food, and work your way up from there over about a week.

IAMS Wet dog food, mixed feeding challenge, IAMS beef and vegetable wet dog food

All doggies come with a built in can opener

So what are the benefits of mixed feeding I hear you cry?

Well my friends – for starters it’s a pretty cool thing to pack on summer trips with your doggy which is something we do a lot of. In fact approximately 43% of Canadian pet owners always bring their pup along on trips. Packing a mix of wet and dry food can help ensure your pet is happy, healthy, and hydrated in the summer heat.

It’s also good for ’em because adding wet food encourages urinary tract health and promotes organ function.

And, it’s FUN y’all. Sort of like going to your first ever salsa dance class. 25% of people have said they never serve their pet wet food. Imagine if they did. What would their dog feel? How would it change that doggy’s day to tell his friends at daycare: “I got a fancy schmancy dish of wet food for the first time ever – and it was better than the butter I licked off my human’s toast when she wasn’t watching.”

How could this change the trajectory of your dog’s life and his story-telling capabilities?

IAMS wet dog food review, mixed feeding challenge

My new napping companion

The End

We are super excited to see how this 4 week challenge goes. Check in for updates – or just to ask Max to sing you a song – next up on todays requests is “Alicia Keys – Speechless”. Toodles.

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