Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash

Walking with Max is basically the same as walking with James Bond. Walking with a James Bond who is drunk, incoherent and late for a meeting with the Queen.

This is because Max likes to wonder in circles around me, zig zag in front of me, and pull me into bushes while we walk on the beautiful Vancouver seawall. And for the most part it’s really hard to stop him. This is 100% due to my lack of training due to my prior theory that dogs should be able to do what they want, and “who am I to tell them what to do.”

But apparently, like humans and the British Secret Service, dogs sometimes need some kind and loving direction.

Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash To The Rescue

Before using the Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash, this is the list of items I have dropped because Max pulled me while I was holding onto his leash:

  1. Coffee
  2. Water
  3. My Phone
  4. My Bag
  5. My Dignity

Since using Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash I have dropped:

  1. ______

Nothing. I have dropped nothing.

What is the Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash Girl?

It’s a hands free dog leash that easily and comfortably clips around your waist. The 100% Canadian made leash is made from earth friendly Hemp and comes in a variety of colours to match your dog’s mood.

There are two parts to the leash set. A part that clips around your waist…

Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash

The black part clips around your waist.

And the extension that extends from your waist band and clips into your dog’s harness.

Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash

The blue part is the extension.

Why use the Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash?

1. The Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash is a fabulous way to train your dog if he tends to wander around, pull on his leash and not walk by your side.

The Jac Trac extension is very short forcing your dog to stay by your side. This did take some getting used to for both Max and me because we are used to walking far apart from each other with a very long leash.

When first using the leash, if Max did try to walk in front of me, he would be very close which could easily make me trip. I therefore had to really pay attention while walking him instead of using my phone, looking at the scenery, or hitting any piñatas I passed on the way.

Then magic happened…

After about 20 minutes of using the leash for the first time and correcting Max if he tried to cross me by gently pulling him back to my side, he calmly walked by my side and stopped pulling and trying to cross me.

I am astounded, because I honestly never though Max would stop pulling, and I definitely didn’t think it would only take 20 minutes. It felt amazing, like we finally got each other. We were practically telepathically connected by the end of our walk.

Dog walking with lady, jac trac handsfree dog leash

Human best friend. I walk by her side.

2. The Jac Trac Hands Free Dog Leash, lets you be, wait for it, HANDS FREE. YAYAYAYAYAY.

Once you use it, you will wonder how you were never hands free before, and you’ll want to run through fields of barley while texting and eating a beef burger, because you now have the hands to do it.

This is an amazing feeling people.

jac trac hands free dog leash, dog in Vancouver Yaletown

Another way to use a hands free dog leash

The Last Bark

I am truly shocked how a product can change my life so drastically. Now that I use a hands free dog leash I can talk on the phone or I can leave my hands by my side, so I can concentrate on looking at the scenery vs. trying to stop Max from tripping me up.

Max can also concentrate on doing what he does best, peeing.

Dog peeing in Vancouver, handsfree dog leash

Human together we can pee on everything in Vancouver

I really, really look forward to using the Jac Trac Hands Free Leash everyday, and I can’t say enough good things about it.

Try it, it could change your life.

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