Internet Marketing Mastery Conference June 26-28

Internet Marketing Mastery Conference June 26-28

What up ma people.

If you work in marketing, social media, or even watch cat videos on the internet, you may be interested in attending the Internet Marketing Mastery Conference put on by YVR Conference’s Founder Ricky Shetty.


Because you’ll learn about all things marketing boo and you may meet other people who also like to watch cat videos.

You may also figure out stuff you never knew you wanted to know….

Let me give you an example.

I attended the last YVR Blogging Conference and I listened to Roberto from The Expeditioners talk about how him and his cool wife make about $100,000 travelling the remote areas of the world.

They were both beautiful, dressed in exploration clothing and had a tan that would make Max jealous. (Max is a big tanner.)

Roberto and Bella, The Expeditioners

Roberto talked about photography which is something I thought I hated and gave a super helpful tip that taking quality photography can really boost your blog.

In fact the way they started getting noticed was they put their photos up for sale on a paid site (I think iStock) and every time an adventure magazine came out, they would check if their photo had been used. (Because you aren’t told who uses your photos on iStock.)

The Expeditioners

A photo by Roberto

One day they hit it big when they flicked through a magazine and realized their image had been used. They then could tell prospective clients and companies they’d been featured in a huge magazine which gave them more street cred which led them to more gigs and free stuff.

In summary, because I attended the conference you now see better photos of Max, which in turn makes you happier, which in turn increases your chances of getting a promotion at work which makes the world a better place.

Maltese dog eating cookie

A photo with our new Nikon D3300.

If you would like to attend the Internet Marketing Mastery Conference, it’s taking place on June 26-28 in Burnaby, BC. I will be there. Come say hi. 🙂

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