How to tell when your dog needs a hair cut

Well this is quite simple really. I can tell when Max needs a hair cut when…

Max the dogCast Away, Tom Hanks

1) Max starts to look like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away.

Can you tell who is who? In fact, if you can, I will give you a signed copy of Cast Away*. (Signed by me, not Tom Hanks. Although I am sure if I contacted Tom, he would sign it, because that’s just the type of person he is. You know it and I know it.)

2) Max’s back hair starts to stick out of his jacket.

3) Max looks like a one eyed dog.

*As I only own one pen and it’s running out soon, I can only give away one signed copy of Cast Away. If you would like it, leave me a comment about which picture you think is Max and why.

You can also just comment about other things. Like how I should probably buy more pens or how it’s weird fondue is made with beer. Let’s just really get to know each other because as Brene Brown says, it takes courage to dare greatly.

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