Guest Post: 7 Tips From Dog Walkers to Make Dog Walking More Awesome

Guest Post: 7 Tips From Dog Walkers to Make Dog Walking More Awesome

Dog walkers have told us their favourite tips that you can introduce to your dog walking sessions to kick things up a notch.

Check out these 7 tips to make dog walking more exciting:

1. Become A Certified Professional

This is the easiest course that will help you learn all the do’s and don’ts of dog walking. You will be able to cater to the needs of your dog and also assist others around you. This career can be a part time cash earner. Becoming a professional will not only be good for you, but for your dogs as well, as you can train them, learn their needs and concentrate more on their well-being. (Langara in Vancouver has a bunch of cool animal and pet care programs such as starting a dog walking business.)

2. Be Aware of Walking Conditions

Get your dog prepped for the outdoors by checking out what you’ll be dealing with before you leave the house. Check the weather and temperature before your walk. If it’s cold and rainy, make sure you invest in a dog jacket that is made from a high quality, waterproof fabric that regulates your dog’s temperature. In the summer, make sure the pavement is not too hot. If it is, you can either walk your dog in the park on grass or walk your dog before the sun comes up.

3. Change Your Path

If you are walking the same trail every day, your dog will get bored and so will you. Make things more interesting by taking a different path. If you are a regular park visitor then change things up by hitting the streets or walk on a trail or take a hike with your dog. You can also join dog Meetups in Vancouver that offer new and exciting walks every week with a group of like minded people.

4. Be Mindful During Your Walk

Some people while walking their dog, place earplugs in their ears and listen to songs while they are on the move. Dog walkers however suggest interacting more with your dogs making this a bonding experience for the two of you. To be more mindful while walking with your dog, focus on feeling your feet on the ground as you walk which will help you to be more present with him as you walk together.

5. Choose Good Walking Equipment

Dog walkers suggest that you invest in some excellent quality gear for dog walking. This will help you in the long run as better quality equipment will last longer. Take your dog with you when you are going shopping for supplies. Pick up a collar or harness that isn’t too tight (you should be able to fit a finger in between your dog and the collar or harness), a leash that is the right length (so you dog walks by your side and isn’t too far or close to you), a dog jacket, and some treats as rewards and motivation for walking and good behaviour.

6. Let Your Dog Take A Path Of His Own

When your dog is accustomed to walking well on a leash and is behaving well around other dogs, you can let him explore off-leash in an off-leash park. Keep treats with you to help with recall and get his attention if he veers too far away from you. If you aren’t ready to let your dog off-leash just yet, you can put your dog on an extremely long rope leash that will let your dog feel that he is off-leash, but will allow you to pull him in if needed.

7. Take Your Trainings Slow

If your dog is young and new to walking outside, don’t take him to a crowded area with many people or other pets such as cats. Try and maintain a daily walking schedule with similar rules everyday such as waiting and heeling. Dogs are obedient creatures, they like to follow orders and portray a disciplined behaviour. They enjoy being led. Give them time to adjust and move around. Play with them. Encourage and motivate their behaviour with treats and rewards.

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