How to Help your Dog Survive Summer in Vancouver

How to Help your Dog Survive Summer in Vancouver

If like me you’ve been trying to trick your dog into thinking you are at a 40 degree all inclusive resort in Latin America by serving him cocktails and playing Ricky Martin in the background, because he is hating the Vancouver heat, you aren’t alone.

Dogs across Vancouver can’t sleep, their hair is a mess and they are going to work late.


Because it’s summer in Vancouver and it’s hot hot hot as Ricky Martin would say.

After long nights of Max walking around my apartment as if he’s a night security guard wearing tap dancing shoes, I have devised some experiments to see what will help him sleep better in this humidity.

Here’s what i’ve tried so far:

1) Dog cooling pad

I thought this $89 cooling pad would definitely do the trick. In fact it’s so cool that I was tempted to sleep on it myself, but alas I didn’t. Initially Max had no interest in it and used it as a playing ground for him and his toy monkey then left it standing alone like a child picked last for a baseball team.

However, he seems to be using it for a few minutes here and there today. It’s very likely he will only start using this if I use it because he wants to lie on things that he isn’t supposed to lie on such as my yoga mat and my brand new leather jacket. Stay tuned to see what happens…

Dog Cooling Pad

Cranky pants

2) Ear plugs

Ear plugs for me that is. After the cooling pad fail the first night, I was desperate and used ear plugs to mask my dog’s little feet pitter pattering across my hardwood floors. And VOILA this worked! Except for some reason when I am sleeping I throw them out of my ears and when I wake up I don’t know where they are. Then I wake up, because Max is still walking around…


Vancouver is apparently sold out of fans, however I have one in my apartment that I have placed near my patio door. I have pointed it at the ground so that Max can sit there and enjoy the cool breeze. He also has no interest in this either.

4) Wetting Max’s Hair

When you get out of the shower, you feel cold regardless of where you are. I thought Max would therefore enjoy some wet hair to make him feel cooler. This didn’t work. He just seems like a hot dog that was now wondering why I was wiping my just washed hands on him. (I basically used him as a hand towel).

5) Tower fan

My last resort is buying a tower fan from Canadian Tire, as apparently they have some at their Timbucktoo location somewhere in Canada. Let’s see if this helps!

6) A cooling dog bandana

BarkBox Flying Rover Bandana

I soaked a bandana I got form BarkBox and put it in the freezer then tied it around Max. So far so good. Max seems to look calmer and now he is sitting on his cooling mat under the fan. Triple whammy!

Enough about us. Tell me about you!

What are you doing to keep your dog cool this summer! I would love some suggestions!!! Leave me a comment below…

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