How to travel in a car with a dog with travel anxiety

How to travel in a car with a dog with travel anxiety

Going on a car trip with Max is like going on a trip with someone you think will be awesome to travel with, that is until you realize you were wrong, and that person isn’t awesome to travel with.

However over our four years together I have come up with a variety of tricks to get ready for at trip with a dog to keep him calm and happy.

1) Swaddle your dog. YES SWADDLE. For some reason when dogs are swaddled they calm down. Max breaks out of my swaddle in about 60 seconds but for those few seconds there is a lot of peace in the car.

2) Exercise your dog before a long trip. Max works at a daycare where he spends about 6 hours wrestling with other dogs, peeing, and barking. Sometimes, if he is really concentrating, he can do all three things at once. By the time he gets in the car, he tends to stare out the window as if he is high. That is until 5 minutes later when he has regained his energy and starts trying to escape out of the car.

3) Confuse your dog. Sometimes I ask Max complicated questions like, “Max where is your monkey, and did you hide his bananas.” (Max has a toy monkey). Max then cocks his head to the side, and stares at me which takes his mind off his anxiety for a while.





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