The ultimate infographic to find your dog’s age

There is always something sad when we consider the life we share with our four-legged friend: we are not aging at the same pace, and sooner than later he will start showing the signs of aging.

This is why we often wonder about his age. Is he in good shape? Do I see symptoms of an upcoming disease? Do I provide him with good care?

If we surf the Internet for an answer, we are usually told to multiply his age by 5 or 7 to get the corresponding human age. This is a fair approximation. But we lose some useful information.

It doesn’t take into account that a dog’s growth is very rapid at the beginning of life and a dog’s sexual maturity occurs early too. Development slows down when the dog is mature and accelerates again when aging.

There are important differences among breeds too. Larger dogs age much quicker than smaller ones.
And, if you are interested in your dog’s average lifespan, you will have to consider breed susceptibility to life-threatening illnesses or to accidents.

This infographic designed by Animal Patient progressively guides you to a more precise understanding of the aging process in your dog.

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