4 Ways Feeding Huskies is Different to Feeding Other Dogs

4 Ways Feeding Huskies is Different to Feeding Other Dogs

A husky isn’t just the dog your little doggy fears in the park, he is also the handsome canine version of James Bond. Why? Because he is beautiful yet also particular about the food he eats and the tuxedos he wears.

Did you know huskies eat differently to other dogs?

Huskies not only look different from other doggies, they also eat different. Here are 3 ways feeding huskies is different to feeding other dogs…

1. Huskies Stop Eating When They Are Full Y’All

Unlike most doggies and your uncle simon during Christmas buffet brunch, Huskies actually stop eating when they are full. This makes things a bit easier, because if they’ve been more active, they will eat more, and if they’ve been laying around the house watching reruns of Friends, they will eat less.

2. Huskies can be pickier than other dogs

Huskies can get bored of their food pretty easily. Which seems strange to us as we assumed they would eat anything. One way to decrease their boredom is to alternate their food and the proteins you use to feed them. You can also put their food in dog food toys or puzzles, so they have to work for their food.

3. Huskies are lactose intolerant

Many folks believe Siberian Huskies are lactose-intolerant and should not be given milk or other milk products. It’s wise to check dog food products and treats for dairy and keep your husky away from the milk man.

4. Huskies are less likely to suffer from skin allergies

Unlike our Maltese Maxi who gets itchy skin from just thinking about itchy skin, Huskies are less likely to get skin allergies. This means you can be more adventurous with dog food for huskies. You can also be more lenient with using dog food with grains vs. just feeding them raw foods. (We think raw foods are great, however they give our dog itchy skin due to the higher protein content).

So there you have it. Don’t give your husky a cheese burger and you should be set.

Do you have a husky?

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