HotDogCollars Palm Tree Island Leash Review and Contest

Sometimes you just want to sit back, sip a piña colada, and wonder why the n in piña colada has a weird accent over it.

However this isn’t always possible, as there are dogs to walk, people to see, and salsa shoes to be bought. That’s why we were super excited when we were sent this lovely Palm Tree Island Leash by HotDogCollars retailing at $14.95 USD. It allows you to run errands while feeling like you are on a tropical island.

We asked Max what he thought of the leash.

hotdogcollars leash palm tree island

It passed the “can I poop while on this leash” test with flying colours.

DSC_0642 (1)

It allows me to look intelligent while I stare off into the distance


Unfortunately the easy grip handle makes it easier for my human to pull me away from bikes I am trying to pee on.


We had a great chat today about what came first, dog pee, or the dog.

We loved the HotDogCollar Palm Tree Island Leash as it was really strong, a great length, and has a perfect pattern that won’t get dirty easily when Max is trying to do backflips in the mud.

Win a Palm Tree Island Leash

Get your own very own Palm Tree Island Leash by sharing our post about the leash on our Facebook page by May 13th to be entered into a contest to win it. (It will be the pinned post at the top!). Winner will be picked at random.

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