Guest Post: How to Help your dog stay cool in crazy warm temperatures

Guest Post: How to Help your dog stay cool in crazy warm temperatures

We love our furry friends and we’d do anything for them!

Is there anyone in this world that will love you as much as a dog will, without asking for anything in return (except for some food, a pet and a walk)?

Probably not!

With all the love we have for our gorgeous furry creatures, we want them to feel the most comfortable possible, especially during heat waves that aren’t that easy to handle – for humans, let alone animals.

So, let’s see what you can do to prevent your dog from suffering:

Install a kiddie pool for the furbabies

We aren’t big on letting dogs and kids take dips together. Yes, we do treat our pets as kids but we are also aware of the bacteria they carry which may lead to human infections.

However, bacteria talk aside, that doesn’t mean your dog don’t deserve a proper dip. Buy a kiddie pool for your dog and train him to jump in whenever he is feeling hot. Keep the water cold (not freezing, though).

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Don’t leave them in closed spaces

If you are going out, let him stay outside or somewhere with cold tiles in the room. Tiles have a cooling effect so a dog will immediately overcome the heat, at least temporarily.

Also never make the mistake of leaving a dog locked inside a car, a small room with no open windows or anywhere where he could get too hot. If you have no other choice but to leave your dog locked in the house, make sure the air-conditioning is on.

Keep their water cool

One of the most important (and most obvious) tips is to keep your dog hydrated at all times and make sure his water bowl is always full with cold, fresh water.

With the high heat out, a pet will go through water quickly during the summer, so keep an eye on the water bowl at all times. When the days are extremely hot, add a few cubes of ice in the dog water bowls and place them around the house.

keep dogs cool in summer

Groom them

Sure, they were born with all that hair but grooming them regularly makes for a very important trick to help them feel not as hot. The moment hot season starts, schedule your dog’s grooming session and book a few more in the months to come. Your dog won’t mind a bit of a shorter do, believe us… if anything, he”ll love it!

Take him to the beach

Unlike cats, many dogs love, love, love water and enjoy an occasional splash with their family. When you are going to the beach, bring your doggy along and unleash him.

He’ll probably spend most of the time in the water, swimming and splashing around. This will be an amazing experience for him! If, however, your pet appears to be shy around water, splash a little water on him. A quick walk to the beach showers or a bottle of water lightly splashed over his fur will do magic.

We hope our advice helped and that your dog won’t even feel the heat waves coming!

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