Handsome Mountain Canadian Made Dog Bandanas

Handsome Mountain Canadian Made Dog Bandanas

According to Max, getting a new doggy bandana is like hearing an Enrique Iglesias song when you’re least expecting it – it makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING.

Vancouver based Handsome Mountain know what we are talking about. They’ve made some hot looking bandanas for all types of pups – from Yaletown hipster poodles to dogs like Max that think they are stray, British cats.

Our fave Handsome Mountain bandana is “Surfer’s Paradise”.

It’s 100% Canadian made, adorned with a fancy schmancy leather label, and made from 100% up-cycled fabric.

Handsome Mountain bandana, surfer's paradise

It’s perf for the Spring and Summer season as it’s bright, with a totally tubularly cool pattern, and looks super rad on any dog. Its one of a kind pattern looks like a hand painted indigo effect with a few splashes of vibrant yellow that pop out of the pattern.

Handsome Mountain also donate $1.00 from every Handsome Mountain Bandana sold or given away to the BCSPCA at the end of this year. So not only does your dog look cool when he’s wearing a Handsome Mountain bandana, he’s also helping to support animal shelters. Double win!

Handsome Mountain Bandanas

Grab a Handsome Mountain Surfer’s Paradise bandana today for $21-$25 from the Handsome Mountain website and support Canadian made merch.

To end, in the words of Enrique himself, “Tonight we dance like no tomorrow, ay ay ay ay ay ay ay.”

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