GIVEAWAY: The funniest comic book in the entire world

GIVEAWAY: The funniest comic book in the entire world

Do you want to laugh OR do you want to be happy?

Luckily in life, you don’t have to choose. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH.

“HOW???????” I hear you cry. Well the answer my friend is a little secret called: My Dog: The Paradox: A Loving Discourse About Man’s Best Friend.

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It is a comic book. It is so funny that you will wonder why there are any books out there that aren’t like this.

It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. You can even read it online.


I am glad you asked. As I am neither a foot doctor or a mathematician, I believe the simplest way to enter the competition would be to sign up for my newsletter below. I will email you once a month with giveaways, stories about why whales and doggies should be friends, and what came first the doggy or the Yaletown doggy coat and scarf combo (a classic chicken and egg dilemma).

Please note: There will be no losers in this competition – except for the ones who do not win. However Max has agreed to send those of you who don’t win telepathic messages to show his love and appreciation for you. He may also ask for a doggy biscuit in the mail. I can’t control him.

Some Mo Details:

  1. Competition ends April 30th at 2pm. Why 2pm? Because that’s Maxi’s nap time and he alerted me that dogs don’t work during nap time.
  2. Competition is only open to those in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Why? Because Max is paying for postage in dog biscuits, and they can only get you so far in life…
  3. Winner will be picked by random draw. As I do not have a random draw machine, Max will pick the winner by writing everyones names on different pieces of paper and closing his eyes and picking a winner.

Good luck y’all!!!


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