Giveaway: Gold Paw Series Snood

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Sometimes dogs want to run around naked.

And sometimes they want to run around naked with scarfs on. However scarfs can get caught on trees, bushes, and your next door neighbour’s cat.

Gold Paw Series saw this opportunity to solve a problem and made a Snood. A Snood is sorta like a scarf except it stays in place. It sorta looks like the top of a turtle neck so that no matter what your dog is doing, he looks like a college professor. Extremely smart and savvy.

To celebrate the invention of the Snood, we want to give you one Snood away to two winners.

Gold Paw Series Snood Contest Details

What: We are giving away one snood to two winners.

How: Check out our top pinned post on Facebook and share the post about this Snood. Comment below the post to tell us you’ve shared it by Oct 2nd. (Sometimes because of peoples’ privacy settings, we can’t always see who’s shared things, so that’s why we ask people to comment.)

Why: Because we all like to win things in life (for our dogs).

Who: You.

Do Ray Me Far So La Tee Da. And Thank you.


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