Funny dog bandanas

I Eat Poop Dog Bandana by FunDog Bandanas $5.99



Whether your dog does or doesn’t eat poop, the main thing is, he tries. Show him you love him unconditionally and support him no matter what he does with this I Eat Poop bandana.

Bitches Be Crazy Dog Bandana by PimpDogTShirts $12.04

bitches be crazy dog bandana

Bitches as in female dogs. Ideally I would also like to buy a bandana that states “male dogs be crazy”, but I don’t think anyone knows what male dogs are actually called and male dogs be crazy isn’t as catchy. Check out the Bitches Be Crazy bandana on Etsy.

I Sleep Naked Dog Bandana by LittleDogsCloset $18.74

Although many dogs in Vancouver sleep in elaborate two piece outfits in customer beds made for dogs, many sleep how nature intended them, naked with a bandana on. Your dog needs an I Sleep Naked dog bandana.

I sleep naked dog bandana, funny dog bandana

I’m Not a Mutt I’m A Limited Edition Dog Bandana by LittleDogsCloset $18.74

We all have special gifts and talents. Your dog does too. Show him he is special and throw this lil “I’m Not A Mutt, I’m A Limited Edition” bandana on him.

funny dog bandana


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